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Late Night Thought

Assalamualaikum and hi.

No one wants to separate with their loved one, right? Even if we don't know how long we can keep them but it still gives us a scared moment to think. You know, losing the most favorite person or people in your life, nobody wants to face it. Non matter the person is your boyfriend or girlfriend, your bestfriend or perhaps your family. We fight a lot but we stay loving each other. Haven't we thought of losing them one day? You wake up at the next morning and knowing the fact that she or he, the most you love, have gone far away from you. You keep calling his or her name, you try to reach them as you can't accept the fact yet ---- still no one answering you. By thinking of this kind of moment, I do feel scared. Fear of losing them. 

Well, I can't sleep ---- and I start to update new post just because I miss my loved one and I am worrying about him as hell. He is now on the bus heading to his hometown. I just hope he safely arrived and get a very comfortable journey. I hope when I go to sleep and wake up back, I would not be served by something bad. Ah, why am I being like this? Or it just because the messages on whatsapp that he had send to me and makes me freak out in this way? Ok, I am really need to be positive. I know he will be okay! ------ he will, he must. There are many things and plans that we want to do it together. I can't do alone neither him can't. Haih, where are you now, bie?

I have been thinking what should I write since I start to blank lol okay I'm sorry. I take a moment by reading his whatsapp messages hehe. I guess I am better right now. Nothing will happen, I know. I serve you guys with these words:--
          "Date a man who hasn't got the money to spoil you or shower you with gifts but finds a way to do it anyway. You can trust that he will find a way to touch your heart and make you feel special in new ways. Every time he gives you something or writes to you he is giving you a piece of his soul. And every time you give him something or write to him, he will truly treasure it and understand the effort you put in to choosing the gift, the words, or even making it yourself. Date a man who sees how amazing you are even if you don't see it yourself. who sees how good things could be for you. Because a man like this who can see the end goal, the big picture, will keep on going because no obstacle can compare to what lies ahead. Date a man who believes in true love, in romance. He will dream up incredible fantasies that two of you can bring to life together. He will take you places that other people can't even imagine. Date a man who believes in you, because he will help you believe as well. He will see echoes of you in every thing of beauty, and he sees beauty in everything. A man like this will always think that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and will always be there for you."

I take the words from one of my favorite instagram account. Cheer! I love the words because it is really remind me to him. No exemptions. I even tag him for showing how those words is really describing him. I can say how lucky I am. I'm going to show this post to him by the time he arrives. He waits for me to update something about him for a long time. Anyway, I am listening to this song right now --- hahaha well it is no meaning and not related with this entry, its just.....I don't know haha okay have a nice day everyone! 

I can't imagine what will happen to you if I have gone far away....it makes me sad  -him
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