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High Quality Shawl with Affordable Price! #RayaDays

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Anyway, it is not late for me to wish all the Muslims; Ramadan Kareem! May your good deeds will be rewarded by Him and blessing all your journey. Have you done with suhoor, haven't you? In this holy month, lets train our heart and ourselves to be a better Muslim. Be nice to everyone, it doesn't matter who they are even if they are not Muslim, just be nice and spread the positive vibes. Respect to each other. If you want people to respect you, you must learn to respect people first. Most important, keep the good relationship with Allah. Always and always be connected to our Almighty as He never forgets us like we always do. InshaAllah, everything will be fine and you just have to stay calm and relax. 

Ladies and gentlemen, well this post is specially made for the ladies but it is okay for the gentlemen out there to read this. For your information, I am running a business which it is still new and I have not gain many customers yet but still, I have got few of customer. I am selling shawl, I mean A REALLY HOT SELLING SHAWL. Before this, I was selling Arabian Textured Shawl which this shawl were really catching many eyes to grab this comfortable shawl. Unfortunately, we don't restock it because we are producing 3 new types of shawl!! We made these shawls specially for your Raya to make you look confident and beautiful. Plus, it is really easy to wear!! So, aunties or sisters kat luar sana yang baru je berjinak dengan shawl, honestly, if I didn't sell this I still would recommend you guys to buy these shawls. Before I introduce the shawls, here my instagram shop, any details you can find on it or you just can ask me by whatsapp. 

Boleh nampak tak betapa barunya I dalam business ni based on my followers. To be honest, I sikit la rasa sedih tu but that doesn't make me feel to give up because I know there's no short way to succeed so I will just go with it. Yes! Okay, lets proceed with the shawls. I bet aunties and sisters yang tengok mesti rasa geram je sebab shawl shawl ni semua terlalu cantikkkk. \

I taknak cakap banyak sebab I tahu rakyat kita ni malas membaca so I just go to the point which is I want to state WHY YOU NEED TO HAVE this Clarissa shawl and after that, I'll show all the pictures of our Clarissa.
  • Obviously, it is a beautiful shawl and really easy to wear.
  • Material that we used is high quality of stretchable cotton and jahitan yang kemas
  • No need to iron it at all! See, you dah jimat your time dekat situ and if you're a shawl freak, I bet with this shawl just in one or two minutes... tadaaa! You dah siap.
  • Gabungan warna yang super duper cantik. Oh ya, Clarissa comes with 2 colors in one shawl. Can you imagine it?
  • For every purchasing, you will get an exclusive box from us and also a free gift! 
  • The price for this shawl is RM55 not including postage. But... who knows you will get discount if you whatsapp me right now? Jeng jeng jeng

See? Tak rumit pun kan nak gayakan shawl ni. It is really simple. But if you still don't know how to style it, don't worry, I have a tutorial video. 

For the next two shawls, lets get started by watching its teaser first. Hehe

This Adora is specially made for your Raya. Well, Raya kan takkan shawl pun still nak plain jugak kan? Why not, for the Raya days, you try mix and match your baju kurung with Adora shawl? I bet it will turn out really nice.
  • Adora shawl is really high quality material
  • It is RM75 for a piece excluding postage
  • Same with Clarissa, every purchasing you will get an exclusive box and a free gift!

Isabelle and Adora are same type of shawl but different design. Isabelle also specially made for Raya. Kalau aunties and sisters rasa Adora tak matching or suitable with you, you can try match with Isabelle. Confirm sesuai haa
  • Isabelle is really high quality material
  • Price for Isabelle is RM83 excluding postage
  • As same as Clarissa and Adora, every purchasing you will get an exclusive box and a free gift

Done with all the three shawls. So, amacam?? It is really beautiful right!!?? Have you noticed that every shawls are made with high quality material so that's why the price is like that but I don't think it is really expensive... it quite affordable for everyone to have it even one. I sometimes bagi discount jugak dekat customer but tengok la siapa yang lucky to get the discount. Oh ya, kalau you jenis pakai tudung labuh, I think you can still wear this shawl sebab it covers your chest too. Alright, aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers, I make my move now. If you want to purchase it, go find me on instagram @thekasturi, all the details are on it but if you nak cepat you can whatsapp me at 01133017631 or email me at syazashinee@gmail.com. How to make me know that you want to order order or get know about the products? Send this code to me: #EB260211 --- it doesn't matter what kind of words you want to use but kalau boleh provide the code in it please? Hehe
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