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-he was born on January 11, 1997.
-he used to live in the neighbourhood of Robina in Gold Coast, Australia, but moved to Los Angeles after he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records in May 2010.
-he was inspired to make music because he saw his dad play the guitar at backyard barbeques. 
-he got his first guitar and guitar lessons when he was seven.
-he also wrote his first song at that age. The first two sentences of the lyrics were "I bought some chickens, I changed their diapers". In 2012 he said he hoped his sonwriting skills had improved since then.
-after a few lessons, his guitar teacher told his parents come over because he had never seen anything like this: he had made Cody face the wall and the teacher played chords, and Cody could pick every chord out by ear.
-when his videos went viral late 2009, his parents said Cody was dreaming about living in New York.
-when asked in late 2009, he said he was 1,62m tall.
-he has a younger brother & sister, Tom and Alli.
-his parents' names are Brad and Angie. 
-Brad owns an investment company. Before the family moved to the US he had to make sure that he could oversee the business from across the ocean.
-in a July 2010 interview, Angie said that as soon as they would see signs that their son was getting carried away with his newly found fame, they'd "be knocking it out of him pretty quickly."
-Brad and Angie were glad to see though that Cody had acquired a healthy dose of confidence thanks to his YouTube career.
-several years before Cody signed a record deal, his grandma asked him: "Codes, what are you going to do? You're so good at guitar and swimming", and Cody said: "Well, I know I was born to be famous at something but I haven't quite figured it out yet."
-when he was 10, Cody asked his mom to reserve the domainnamewww.codysimpson.com for him. They finally registered it on August 17, 2008. It initially cost them $12.95 for two years and the record label was glad the Simpsons had already bought the domain before Cody got famous.
-at age 11 Cody managed to persuade his parents to let him upload some videos to YouTube to see what everyone thought of them.
-after a while, when Cody still only had a few subscribers, producer Shawn Campbell found him.
-after some online promotion, including bywww.youtube.com/BieberZone (Justin Bieber fan channel owned by one of the creators of this website), tons of teens around the world found him - and loved him and his music.
-Cody was briefly signed by Wired Records in 2009 but left them after a few weeks.
-in 2010, Cody signed a 4-album record deal with major label Atlantic Records and his first single, iYiYi featuring rapper Flo Rida was released on June 1st, 2010. 
-Cody's grandfather initially did not want him to go into the music business because he had heard a lot of stories about artists ending up using drugs.
-his parents noted that they want to keep their family close together and express love and support for each other to prevent this from happening.
-Angie was hesitant about moving the US because she was so used to life in their city and she had lived on the Gold Coast her entire life. Alli asked if they couldn't just do everything from the Gold Coast. Tom wanted to know if they'd go to Disneyland.
-the last week before moving to the US, the Simpson family resided with Cody's grandparents. Cody slept on a mattress on the floor.
-he loves Italian food.
-his favorite color is green & blue.
-his favorite book is "Ice Stations" by  Matthew Reilly.
-he speaks English & French.
-his favorite baseball team are the Yankees.
-he has a Mac computer.
-he loves peanut butter.
-his favourite city is New York.
-he has two dogs named Molly and Buddy.
-he used to go to All Saints Anglican School.
-he still holds 10 swimming records on his former school.
-he won academic awards at his school every year from year 3 onwards.
-he was a champion swimmer aspiring to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.
-he is close friends with Kylie Jenner, who is a half-sister of the Kardashian sisters. They are said to have dated briefly in the past.
-in December 2012 he went back to Australia for the holidays. He hung out with his family and friends on the beach as December is middle of summer in Aussieland.

This is I've took from http://www.codysimpson.com/about

“My new album Surfers Paradise is the first time that I've really known from the get-go exactly how I wanted the music to sound,” says Cody Simpson. “I wanted to show the world how I'm evolving and that I’ve really discovered who I am as an artist.” Surfers Paradise picks up where Cody’s previous 2012 debut full-lengthParadise, left off, telling the story of how this talented teenage singer, songwriter, and musician, now 16, traded the sunny shores of his native Queensland, Australia, for the sunny shores of Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being performer.  

“Surfers Paradise is basically the most famous area on the Gold Coast of Australia, where I am from,” Cody explains. “I think this album really represents that piece of me and my lifestyle there. Making Paradise felt like a journey to find myself as a young adult and artist. With 'Surfers Paradise' the entire process felt more natural, like being back home. I wanted to share that feeling with my fans.”

Cody co-wrote every song on Surfers Paradise, which brims with a mix of summery, upbeat and mellow pop tracks like “La Di Da,” “Imma Be Cool” (featuring rapper Asher Roth), “Love (featuring Ziggy Marley) and the first single “Pretty Brown Eyes” — Cody’s fresh, new take on girls with brown eyes, like a “Brown-Eyed Girl” for 2013. Hailed by Billboard as a “happy-go-lucky summer anthem,” the song is a Radio Disney favorite, while the video, directed by Cameron Duddy (Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green, P!nk), is a YouTube sensation, earning nearly four million views and climbing.

Surfers Paradisealso shows how Cody has matured as an artist with reflective, acoustic guitar-driven tunes like “Awake All Night,” (which Cody wrote, produced, and performed himself), “Sinkin’ In,” “Rainy Day,” and the yearning, nostalgic “Summertime of Our Lives,” which Cody says is one of his favorites. Several songs have a distinct reggae vibe, like “Love” and “No Ceiling,” the latter featuring guest vocals by Ziggy Marley, Bob’s son and a beloved artist in his own right. “To have Ziggy on there is just insane,” Cody says. “It’s an honor to work with Ziggy, I have a deep respect for his music and the music his father gave to us.”
“I am 100 percent confident in this album,” Cody says. “I feel like the title, the sound, and the music all go really well together and represent exactly who I am.”

Music has played an integral part in Cody’s life since he was a child. Watching his dad sing and play guitar for friends and family at parties and backyard barbecues taught him the power that music has to bring people together. Inspired, he asked for his own guitar and began taking lessons at the age of seven. After learning a few chords, Cody wrote his first song. He continued practicing and soon began posting YouTube videos of himself performing his original songs alongside stellar covers by some of his favorite artists like Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson, racking up millions of views.

In April 2010, Cody released his debut single, “iYiYi” (featuring Flo Rida) and began to win over U.S. fans with a series of dynamic live performances including 2010.  Cody and his family soon relocated to Los Angeles. Atlantic released his debut EP, 4 U, in December, which spawned the No. 1 Radio Disney hit “All Day.”

In September 2011, Simpson made a stunning chart debut with Coast to Coast, which entered Billboard’s album chart at No. 12 and earned Cody his second Radio Disney No. 1, “On My Mind.” The “On My Mind” companion video — directed by Travis Kopach (Panic! At The Disco, 3OH!3, Boys Like Girls) — is also a certified YouTube blockbuster with over 18 million views. Cody currently has nearly 5 million Twitter followers and nearly five million Facebook likes, in addition to 150 million YouTube views on his official channel, Cody Simpson Music.

Cody has made a host of high-profile TV appearances, including The Today Show, Live! with Kelly, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures, So Random, The Early Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, not to mention as a performer and mentor on Radio Disney and the Disney Channel’s “N.B.T. (Next Big Thing)” talent contest. He was among the top stars featured at Nickelodeon’s 2012 Kids Choice Awards where he presented and took home the award for “Favorite Aussie Star,” and at Australian Nickelodeon’s 2011 Kids Choice Awards, where he won “Awesome Aussie,” “Aussie Muso,” and the prestigious “Super Fresh.” Cody showcased his latest tracks “Pretty Brown Eyes” and “Awake All Night” as part of a stellar live appearance at the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards.

Cody has also been profiled in a range of national publications, while also receiving extensive TV coverage including E! News and Access Hollywood. He starred in the 2012 original film, Finding Cody. Presented by Warner Music Group’s original YouTube Channel “The Warner Sound,” Finding Cody made history as the first interactive YouTube movie featuring a major musical artist.

In addition, Cody, a natural and charismatic performer, has toured nearly non-stop, including his sold-out “Welcome to Paradise” headline tour, co-headline tours with Big Time Rush, and appearances at such events as the White House Easter Egg Roll and the Arthur Ashe Kids Day festivities at the U.S. Open. Cody’s own Coast To Coast Tour of U.S. malls drew huge crowds everywhere it went in 2011, with more than 3,000 fans turning out at each of its 10 stops to see the rising teen star in action.

In 2012, Cody launched his first-ever European headlining tour and hit the road as support for Justin Bieber’s U.S. and European Believe Tour, playing to crowds of 20,000. “It was a great experience for me. I was really motivated to make my show even better by watching what Justin and his team were doing on the Believe Tour,” Cody says. “I had to prove myself on his tour. My goal was to go out there every night, get people up on their feet, and turn everyone in that arena into a fan of mine.” Cody recently kicked off his Paradise Tour, which visits 36 cities in North America.

In October, HarperCollins will publish Cody’s official autobiography Welcome To Paradise: My Journey, which will feature never-before-seen photos and exclusive details about Cody’s life on and off stage, including his early years as a competitive swimmer. “I really wanted to tell my story in my own words and share my experiences,” Cody says. “Everything I do, whether it's the music, the live shows, and now the book, is about letting the fans get to know me better. I want them to feel as if we’re mates.”

As a kid growing up on Australia's sun-drenched Gold Coast, Cody Simpson used to watch his father play guitar and sing for friends and family at parties and backyard barbecues. Seeing how music brought people together, Cody asked for his own guitar and lessons at the age of seven. After learning a few chords from his teacher, Cody wrote his first song. "It was about putting a diaper on a chicken," he says with a laugh. "Who knows what my seven-year-old brain was thinking?" 

Cody's parents encouraged him to keep singing and practicing his guitar. By age 12, he began posting YouTube videos of himself performing covers of songs by artists who inspired him, including Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, and The Jacksons. Search for Cody on YouTube and there he is: An appealing blonde 12-year-old accompanying himself on guitar while knocking out stellar covers of "Cry Me A River," "I'm Yours," and "I Want You Back." Cody's YouTube Channel, which has been active since August 2008, now boasts nearly 4.5 million views and has more than 42,000 subscribers. 

In 2009, Cody received a message through his YouTube Channel from songwriter and producer Shawn Campbell (Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Ciara) expressing interest in meeting him. Cody and his father flew to the U.S. to meet Campbell and write and record some tracks. In April 2010, Cody signed with Atlantic Records, which is releasing his irresistible rhythmic pop single "iYiYi" featuring Flo Rida on June 1st. "Flo and I worked with some amazing people including Colby O'Donis, Bei Major and DJ FrankE on my debut single" Cody says. "We came up with something really catchy. And I think everyone can relate to the lyrics. The song is about liking a girl and missing her when she's not around. Who hasn't been through that?" 

Cody is currently in the studio working on tracks for his upcoming full length debut on Atlantic Records.

You also can read his bio on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cody_Simpson . If you have Justin Bieber , I have Cody Simpson . No one can make me hate him even you're my bestfriends . I dont care if you curse on him . I dont care if you talked badly about him . No matter what , yesterday , now and forever , me heart him . 

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